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The D-Fender D-Ring

June 1, 2012

Eliminating extraction problems with the D-Ring!

Our new D-Fender "D-Ring" can assist in eliminating extraction problems in the M16, M4, and AR15. This High-Tech, composite "D-Ring" increases extractor spring force by 4x!

As chamber pressure increases from gas-port erosion, you will notice an increased cyclic rate when firing in full auto (less apparent when firing in semiautomatic).

D-Fender / D-Ring

Along with this increase in pressure comes a much faster unlocking of the bolt, meaning that it is turning much faster than normal. The fast spinning bolt creates a centrifugal force causing the extractor to open prematurely and therefore not properly extract the case from the chamber. This has been a problem since the beginning of the M16 weapons program and has often been misdiagnosed by gunsmiths and armorers as chamber problems, carrier-key problems, or gas-ring problems.

Years of testing and evaluation have gone into the D-Fender project. The material that the D-Fender is constructed of will not break down under normal weapon operating temperatures, nor will it melt from cleaning solvents and lubricants. It will not become "squashed" from the pressure of the extractor, or become dislodged causing the weapon to malfunction. We mention these particular problems because we have heard of several people trying to substitute the inexpensive hardware store variety "0-Rings" for this use, and these failures are a result of that practice.

We build our products with the Professional in mind, and understand that any failure in your weapons system can mean the loss of your life. We hope you will regard your own life more seriously than you regard the savings of a few dollars on an item that is so important.

The D-Fender is only manufactured in the color black. The very early models were manufactured in the color blue. Extractor and spring not included.
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