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Owner's Manual

MARCK-15 HYDRA Modular Weapon System!
Proudly Made in the USA!

Below is the link for the owner's manual included with the MGI Hydra® Weapon System.


  • DO NOT Cycle/Charge the MGI Hydra® Weapon System without the Barrel securely installed in the  MGI® Quick Change Barrel Upper!

  • DO NOT "Dry Fire" the MGI Hydra® Weapon System with the Mag Well removed or with the MGI® Quick Change Barrel Upper removed!

  • IT IS IMPERATIVE to make sure that the correct compatible barrel, bolt, magazine and ammunition are installed properly when changing calibers in the Modular Weapon System.  Failure to do so may cause damage to the gun and may cause bodily injury and/or death!

  • Using aluminum cased ammunition is NOT recommended!

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