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The Complete MGI® Upper Receiver Assembly chambered in .50 Beowulf®!  We started from the MGI® Quick Change Barrel Upper Receiver (QCB-D) and added a whole lot more.  This Complete Upper Receiver includes a 16-inch Stainless Steel .50 Beowulf® Barrel w/ Low Profile Gas Block in carbine length, the MGI® Modified B...


Chiappa M4 Style .22 LR Magazine features a 28-Round capacity with black polymer construction.  This magazine allows your to shoot .22 Lo...


5-round black MWG magazine for AR-15/M-16 Firearms, 5.56 mm, .223 ...

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Diamondhead’s Polymer Diamond Front and Rear Sights are designed for all AR15s and Modern Sporting Rifles. The Front Sight is suitable for firearms fitted with a Diamondhead VRS Handguard or any M1913 Picatinny Rail System.  NOT SUITABLE FOR GAS BLOCK SIGHT BASES (due to heat issues).  The Rear Sight is suit...

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(MARCK15-5.56-MG-001) - SPECIAL DEAL!!!

This version of the Hydra is for the gals that want to show a little class!  The "Muddy Girl...


The MARCK-15, also known as the "Hydra", is the base system for everything associated with the MGI® Modular Weapon System.  This configuration of the Hydra is setup as a 6.5 Grendel.  It includes the MGI® Modular Lower Receiver with an AR Magazine Well, an AR Magazine, the MGI® Quick Change Barrel Upper Receiv...


The MGI® Rate & Recoil Reducing Buffer for the AR-15 / M4 / M16 family of weapons is a simple, self-adjusting, drop in unit that will reduce the rate of fire in your rifle with increased  reliability. The MGI® Buffer, which is completely mechanical (not hydraulic) will decrease the rate of fire and reduce the recoi...


M4 Style .22LR Magazine - Sonic Welded 10-round Smoke Nylon Lip.  This magazine allows you to shoot .22 Long Rifle thru an AR Mag Well.


This conversion kit for .50 Beowulf® includes 16-inch .50 Beowulf® Barrel with Low Profile Gas Block,  .50 Beowulf® Bolt with Firing Pin and AR Mag Well.


This 16-inch stainless steel .50 Beowulf® barrel comes complete with low profile gas block and gas tube.


This is the .22LR Stainless Steel Drop-in Bolt Group needed for the AR-15.


10-round black MWG magazine for AR-15/M-16 Firearms, 5.56 mm, .223 Cal.


This 10-round Thermold polymer magazine is perfect for use at the range or in the field. These magazines are very economically priced giving nearly every shooter the opportunity to stock up. Featuring polymer construction that is both durable and impervious to the elements, this magazine is sure to offer maximum bang f...


Imagine the possibilities!!  Our MGI® Complete Modular Lower without Magazine Well offers the ability to change magazine wells on your lower receiver to accommodate whatever caliber you want.  Ideally suited for use with the MGI® Upper Receiver where you can change the caliber of barrels as well.  This Modular...

.50 Hydra

The Hydra, configured to shoot the .50 Beowulf® cartridge was designed to generate devastating stopping power at short to moderate ranges. Combining the modular, multi-caliber capability of the MARCK-15 Hydra® weapon with a unique .500 inch projectile and cartridge, this semi-automatic weapon is ideal as a brush hunting we...